The Animated Guide to Marc Maron’s ‘Nicotine Diaries,’ Day 2

All right. All right. All right, day 2…not so great! Fuck it, man. Okay, here’s what’s going on. Here’s what’s going on – day 2 is at…all of a sudden, what difference does it make? And that’s a question I’m asking about everything, all right? And I wasn’t feeling that way yesterday or the day before when I was still doing shit. What difference does it make? Fuck it! See, that’s – that’s the sickness. That’s the sickness; it’s that my brain, because it’s so hungry for its endorphin-feeder – for its fuckin’ food, for its nicotine – it’s saying “Dude, what difference does it make? Fuck it, life is short. Die of mouth cancer. Life is short, what the fuck man? Enjoy what you enjoy. Could end any second. Could end during this monologue. Could end during this nicotine diary or whatever the fuck. I could be like [choking noises] and then I fall and it’s over and you will have not had nicotine in your mouth – a snus or a nicotine lozenge!” Ugggh… Okay. Fuck it, man, I don’t know if I’m gonna make it. Goddamnit… How could I be feeling this way on day 2? …goddamnit… I gotta throw that shit away that’s in the fridge. [sighs] Oh man…uuuggghh! Fuck!

- from WTF #85, 2010

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Week 10 | Year 10

Animations by Kyle Strope.

The Animated Guide to Marc Maron’s ‘Nicotine Diaries,’ […]