You Missed Your Chance to Adopt This Cat That Looks Just Like Adam Driver

All cats are cute in their own way, but Corey, a two-year-old cat up for adoption in New Jersey, is special in a very distinctive way: As first noticed by xoVain’s Marci Robin, it looks exactly like Adam Driver, if Adam Driver was not a well-regarded human actor but was instead an adorable little kitty cat. Think of what your life would be like if you adopted this cat! You could have fake lightsaber fights, and sing “Please Mr. Kennedy” together, and, if you’re really freaky, reenact the telegraph scene in Lincoln. But now you can’t — as the Monmouth County SPCA reported, Corey has now found a home, and it’s not Starkiller Base. Better luck next time, when the internet finds a collie that looks like Domhnall Gleeson!

Photo: Monmouth County SPCA
This Cat Looks Just Like Adam Driver