This Week in Web Videos: ‘Making a Murderer’ Parodies

It’s been a week and a half since the holiday Netflix binge concluded, and I’m very surprised there aren’t more quality Making a Murderer parodies.  Last week’s Late Night with Seth Meyers contribution was fun and well-executed, if brief, but there’s not been a ton of company in the space since. After scouring the Internet for a pretty reasonable amount of time, I was only able to find two other noteworthy pieces (and only a few more non-noteworthy ones). That’s the bad news.

The good news is: we’re all a bit luckier than Steven Avery, because the two sketches I did find are equal parts indie and laugh-out-loud funny. Click below to feel like you’re on to something underground…like someone who started watching Making a Murderer on December 18th and not the 27th. I’m here to restore your faith in low-budget, low-view count comedy…and justice. Also, justice.

“Making a Murderer”: Wisconsin vs. Fran the Dog, VideoBoy

Shocking New “Making a Murderer” Evidence, The Beautiful Baby Boys

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This Week in Web Videos: ‘Making a Murderer’ Parodies