Tracy Morgan Repeatedly Threatens to Slip Back Into a Coma on Fallon, and All Is Right With the World

If anyone had to be in a coma following a horrific car accident (and we don’t think that’s how the Universe works), we are truly lucky it’s Tracy Morgan. We don’t mean that in a bad way; it’s just that the rest of us would have wasted such prime comedy real estate, but not Tracy. He was all over The Tonight Show last night, making Trump jokes, ranting about David Letterman, leaping from Chewbacca’s child-support payments to Rocky to The Godfather. Meanwhile, Jimmy Fallon just had to awkwardly try to keep up. That is to say, Tracy Morgan did what he has always done, but with 100 percent more coma jokes. Tracy Morgan should work up a straight hour of coma jokes. He’s going to make other comedians wish and pray they had a coma to riff on.

Tracy Morgan Jokes About His Coma on Fallon