Uzo Aduba Took Her Prom Date to the SAG Awards, Unlike the Rest of Us, Who Have Muted Ours on Facebook

Uzo Aduba, who won the SAG Award for Best Actress in a Comedy last night, proved that it’s possible to stay friends with your prom date — and not just so you have a good Facebook page to read when you’re drunk at 3 a.m. — by bringing her former prom date to the awards ceremony. Aduba shared two photos of herself and Mark Crowley, whom she has been friends with since elementary school, at the awards and at their high school dance.

“He asked me to the prom, I said yes. I asked him to SAGs, he said yes,” Aduba wrote. By all estimates, the award winning actress has never had to run into the nearest Starbucks and lock herself in the bathroom after seeing her prom date at the other end of the mall during a trip home from college. She is so lucky.

Uzo Aduba Took Her Prom Date to the SAG Awards