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Vogue Asks Derek Zoolander 73 Questions in a Giant House Full of Exercise Equipment

Derek Zoolander (in real life, just a guy named Ben Stiller) recently let Vogue into his apartment (technically his winter home — he summers upstairs) for a new edition of its video series “73 Questions.” We didn’t count the questions, but we tend to trust Vogue, so yeah, it was probably 73. Zoolander is just as we remember him: a true dummy. We learn he has a dog named Bark Jacobs, and that he hopes they find a cure for Brooklyn. Don’t we all? Zoolander 2 (stupidly not titled 2lander) comes out February 12. But just to clear things up, this video in no way promotes Zoolander 2, it’s just a regular house tour and questionnaire. Okay, it probably promotes it a little bit.

Vogue Asks Derek Zoolander 73 Questions