Grimes Invites You Along for a Quiet Night With a Few Chill Friends in Her New ‘Kill v. Maim’ Video

It sure is nice of Grimes to let you tag along with her and her buddies like this for her “Kill v. Maim” video. Her friends all seem like really nice goth-angel superheroes. They love just hanging out in the abandoned subway, staring silently at you and tearing through Neo Tokyo on their hot-pink insanity mobile. So, so chill. And that concert! Grimes really knows how to put on a show. There is … there is a lot of blood. You’ve never been to a blood orgy/vampire rave before, but you can totally hang. Just a regular Tuesday for Grimes and her techno anime fashion murder pals. You’ve got a good feeling about this whole thing. Things are really going to go great for you in the end.

Watch Grimes’ Bloody New ‘Kill v. Maim’ Video