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Jerry Seinfeld Dives Into the Metaphysical Hole That Is the Doughnut Hole on Stephen Colbert

Barack Obama’s chauffeur Jerry Seinfeld has a yearlong residency coming up at the Beacon Theater in New York, so to warm up, he did a short set on Stephen Colbert last night. It’s a stand-up set mostly preoccupied with food. But, of course, this is food as metaphor. From the motivational powers of eating Swanson Hungry Man TV dinners to the metaphysical crisis spurred from staring too long at a doughnut hole (a joke that he broke down for us at last year’s Vulture Festival), this is food fraught with existential crisis. And really, it’s just making us hungry to hit the buffet.

But the funniest bit might be his observation that anyone — Donald Trump or otherwise — who thinks they deserve to be president has to be crazy:

Watch Jerry Seinfeld’s Stand-up Set on Colbert