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Enjoy John Boyega’s Non–Star Wars Acting When and Where You Can, Specifically in the New Imperial Dreams Trailer

A ton of heartfelt dramatic acting, few to zero laser swords: As IndieWire explains, the John Boyega vehicle Imperial Dreams has been waiting for attention it can parlay into distribution for quite a while now. (The film debuted in 2014 at Sundance.) So it’s a good thing its star is now currently in the biggest blockbuster of all time. The Force Awakens actor stars in Malik Vitthal’s feature debut as the 21-year-old Bambi, an ex-con who struggles with poverty while raising his son and pursuing his dream of writing in Watts’s Imperial Courts housing project. Seeing as how the man is going to be shooting Star Wars movies for the next millennium or so, let’s all take the opportunity to watch him really nail some heavy-duty acting while we have the chance.

Watch John Boyega’s Imperial Dreams Trailer