Taran Killam’s Festive ‘12 Facts of Hamilton Not Covered in the Show’ Reveals Alexander Hamilton’s Favorite Kardashian

SNL’s Taran Killam stopped by the best thing on Broadway, the Hamilton ticket-lottery preshow Ham4Ham, with Lin-Manuel Miranda this weekend to drop a little knowledge all wrapped up in a Christmas ditty. Killam’s “12 Days of Christmas” parody contained five actual Hamilton facts not discussed in the musical and seven “best guesses,” all of which sound pretty dead-on. It should almost go without saying that Khloé is Alexander Hamilton’s favorite Kardashian. The man was a founding father, a pioneer, and a genius. Who else was he supposed to pick? Kourtney? Kim? You have a lot of learning to do if you think the answer is Kim. Even Kris would make more sense than Kim. Go get in that lottery line and educate yourself, people!

Watch Taran Killam Sing a Hamilton Holiday Song