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Watch the New Trailer for Netflix’s The Crown: God Save the Queen!

Silent glances. Suspicious glances. Loving glances. Strident glances. Glances that suggest a tumultuous interior life that must be suppressed in order to serve one’s country. The latest trailer for Netflix’s The Crown has ‘em all, the finest glances money can buy, delivered largely from the moist, emotive eyes of its Queen Elizabeth II, portrayed by Wolf Hall’s Claire Foy. But there’s more than just staring contests, of course we also get a good look at the turmoil of John Lithgow’s Churchill, who may or may not be keeping some secrets from Her Majesty. The first six episodes of this ten-episode season will arrive on Netflix on November 4. (In true royal fashion, the streaming service reportedly spent over $100 million to produce the first season.) Watch the newest trailer above, and peek into the royal mind of Matt Smith’s Prince Philip, who, frankly, isn’t loving his lady’s busy schedule, with the first trailers below. We’re certainly in for a bejeweled treat.

Watch the New Trailer for Netflix’s The Crown