Watch the Latest ‘7 Minutes in Heaven’ with Will Ferrell and Mike O’Brien

Here’s the latest episode of Mike O’Brien’s Above Average series 7 Minutes in Heaven, where he’s joined by special guest and fellow SNL alum Will Ferrell. The two talk about Ferrell growing up in Irvine and performing with The Groundlings then role play a few scenarios as former gang members who were really in a frat, two thespians who must act their way out of paper bags, and a riveting performance by Ferrell as a cowboy who sleeps in. Then O’Brien boldly asks Ferrell about his parents’ divorce when he was only eight years old, which understandably makes Ferrell a little testy: “I’m in this closet, you’re bringing up my parents’ divorce, and you’re trying to kiss me on the lips…how do you think that feels?”

Watch the Latest ‘7 Minutes in Heaven’ with Will […]