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Zac Efron Does the Naked Macarena in This Dirty Grandpa Clip, As God Intended

We know what you’re thinking — Who’s the guy who plays the grandpa? He looks familiar. You’re right! It’s The Intern and Meet the Fockers star Robert De Niro. But in this new clip from Dirty Grandpa, you won’t get to “meet the grandpa”; instead you’ll get to meet Zac Efron’s butt blocked by a surprise-face emoji, and you’ll get to meet Jason Mantzoukas, who gives Zac some crack to smoke before everyone breaks into the Macarena because he’s kind of a scumbag. (Smoking crack and dancing to the Macarena? What is this, a bat mitzvah?) Anyway, the movie comes out Friday!

Watch Zac Efron in Dirty Grandpa Clip