Will Ferrell Choking Mike O’Brien for a Meme in 7 Minutes in Heaven Is Funny and a Harrowing Glimpse Into the Internet’s Future!

Will Ferrell and Mike O’Brien ladle up a heaping helping of fun bits in their new 7 Minutes in Heaven, but none quite as fun as Meme This Choke, a cool new meme where people choke each other and write funny text over the image. Our only question is, how have we not started doing this for real yet? We’re a fraction of an inch away from Meme This Choke, internet-wise. Historians are going to look back on this 7 Minutes in Heaven and point to it as an ominous turning point in meme culture. Seriously, call us in 2017 and let us know if the kids aren’t choke-memeing each other on Snapchat. Haha, those memes will probably be really funny, though.

Will Ferrell Chokes Mike O’Brien for 7 Minutes