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Will Smith Elaborates on His View of the Oscars Controversy: ‘We Have to Lead’

Will Smith has been at the center of the recent debate over the diversity at the Oscars, as his wife Jada was one of the first to announce she would boycott the awards ceremony and he recently said that he also would not attend the event. On the Graham Norton Show last night, Smith elaborated on some of his previous comments, and took a more hopeful view of the controversy. Smith pointed out, though, “the media sort of creates the ‘us and them,’ and for me there is no ‘us and them.’ It’s we.” Smith added that he is a member of the Academy and that he takes Hollywood’s role in shaping American culture seriously. “For me it’s more about putting my hand up and reminding my community, the Hollywood community, that we have to lead,” Smith said.

Will Smith Elaborates on Oscars Comments