Wiz Khalifa Does a Stoner Version of Adele’s ‘Hello’ Called ‘Hella Os’ Because of Course He Does, He’s Wiz Khalifa

Replace that flip phone with a pager (for drugs)! During an appearance on Los Angeles’s Power 106, rapper Wiz Khalifa performed his own stoner version of Adele’s “Hello.” The remix came after radio host Mister Cap asked if Khalifa could write to any beat. “I have to feel it,” Wiz said. Mister Cap knew that no one can’t feel “Hello,” so he tested Wiz by playing the Adele hit. Wiz then wizzed out his own version called “Hella Os” which we assume has to do with smoking and blowing out smoke rings. Either that, or it’s a new type of Trader Joe’s cereal Wiz has been munchin’ on. Wiz belts, “Roll one up and let’s get high, I am trying to get fried.” The rest of the lyrics are just as weed-y, and almost as emotional as the original track. Watch the video below.

Wiz Khalifa Sings Own Version of Adele’s ‘Hello’