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2016’s Oscars Class Photo: 8 Points of Interest

88th Oscars¨, Nominees Luncheon
Photo: Image Group LA/©A.M.P.A.S.

Today in Hollywood, many of Hollywood’s most melanin-deficient stars came out for the annual Oscar nominees luncheon, a delightful chance for A-list actors to rub shoulders with less-famous, behind-the-scenes nominees who make very charming decisions about what to wear. As always, the nominees on hand posed for a giant class picture, and Vulture is here to point out all the important parts. Here, then, are eight points of interest.

There are five female nominees at this luncheon who are 30 or younger, and as his verbal agreement with the Academy clearly stipulated, Leonardo DiCaprio has been placed near three of them. (Alas, he’s too far away from Lady Gaga to spawn a new meme.)

These two master cinematographers are likely to make Oscar history this month. On the left, you’ve got The Revenant’s Emmanuel Lubezki, poised to become the first man in his category to win three years in a row. On the right, there’s Sicario DP Roger Deakins, who can lay claim to a very different kind of record: He’s one of only two men to have racked up 13 nominations without a single victory.

Orange you glad that Sylvester Stallone and costume designer Sandy Powell could both make it?

Whatever you do, don’t let Oscar-nominated costume designer Paco Delgado (The Danish Girl) know that his Ex Machina just escaped.

Section of the Class Photo Most Likely to Energize Black Twitter: This one!

Most Likely to Have Stolen Beyoncé’s Wind Machine: composer Stephan Moccio, who co-wrote the Oscar-nominated song “Earned It” with the Weeknd. (Even Rachel McAdams is like, “Congratulations, I know when I’ve been bested.”)

Least Likely to Give a Fuck: Sir Ridley Scott, who arrived at this very fancy luncheon looking like your dad on his way to Vons.

Most Fortunate to Grow an Adult Man Out of Her Shoulder: Saoirse Ronan, everybody!

2016’s Oscars Class Photo: 8 Points of Interest