na na na na bat-man!

The Big Bang Theory Books Adam West, a.k.a. Batman, As a 200th Episode Present to Itself

Adam West.

Because once you hit 200, you move past gift ideas like wood, silk, or precious gems, The Big Bang Theory is giving itself Adam West as a 200th episode present. The Hollywood Reporter announced the news that West, who played Batman in the 1960s TV series about the superhero, will appear in the show’s landmark episode, which will air on February 25 and also include appearances from John Ross Bowie (Barry Kripke), Christine Baranski (who plays Leonard’s mom), Sara Gilbert (who plays a former love interest) and Wil Wheaton (who plays himself). West will play himself, though the show’s characters will probably be unable to separate his real identity from his onscreen persona. Has anyone seen Jim Parsons and the Joker in the same room together, by the way? Seems like we should check on that.

Adam West to Appear on The Big Bang Theory