Adele Should Win a Grammy for Her Ellen Jamba Juice Prank, If They Gave Out Grammys for Freaking Out Jamba Juice Employees

While it must take a lot to throw a Jamba Juice employee in Los Angeles off their game (they have a smoothie called Kale-ribbean Breeze, people!), Adele gets it done for Ellen, because she is nothing if not a consummate professional dedicated to her craft. (Her craft being the ability to startle and alarm Jamba Juice employees.) Adele really gets in there, eating handfuls of wheatgrass and making deer noises and demanding her hair be brushed. Which, again, Jamba Juice employees in L.A. must see literally every day, but Adele’s commitment really takes it to the next level. She probably actually does have amaretto and a roll of toilet paper in her purse, though.

Adele Commits Deeply to Ellen Jamba Juice Prank