Of Course Adele Has the Best Nickname for Her Vagina

This week on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Ellen and Adele played a game called 5-Second Rule, where they had to name three things things that fit into a category in five seconds. For example, “Name three ways to say hello,” or “Name three things you do when the lights go out.” Of course Adele said “sleep, dream, and whisper.” That little gem! Adele also got to say her favorite curse words and list three names for lady parts. “Minnie moo is when you’re describing it to a child, vajayjay is like, ‘hey,’ and a pizza is like when someone’s nasty,” Adele explained. The game got cut for time, which is ridiculous. It was only like a few groups of five seconds.

Adele Has the Best Nickname for Her Vagina