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Alison Brie Peed Her Pants While Shooting Mad Men, If You Want to Watch the Series to Try to Pinpoint When It Happened

And by “pants,” Alison Brie means a complicated undergarment made of boning and tubes and whistles designed to constrict your abdomen and mold your body into the appropriate feminine shape. Why, girdles have probably always been soaked in pee, and no one happened to mentioned it! While visiting Late Night last night, Bree told a harrowing tale of inadvertently peeing inside her girdle seconds before shooting a scene for Mad Men. Unable to change in time, she just … acted like a professional. Fortunately, the show’s costume designer, Janie Bryant, reassured her that “it happens often, more than you’d think,” which raises the question: How many times did John Slattery pee his girdle while shooting? Rich Sommer? How about Vincent Kartheiser? Yeah, I agree. A real pee girdle, that one.

Alison Brie Peed Her Pants on the Mad Men Set