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America’s Next Top Model Will Return to VH1 Without Tyra Banks; How Will the Models Know When to Scream?

Finale Part Two: America\'s Next Top Model Is...
Tyra will go behind the throne. Photo: Patrick Wymore/CW

America’s Next Top Model, the high-pitched scream franchised around the world, will survive for another season. After announcing that the 22nd cycle would be its last one, reports surfaced that the producers of America’s Next Top Model, including one Tyra Banks, were trying to see if another network would carry the mantle. VH1, step forward! The decade-loving network has ordered 14 episodes of a new season of ANTM that will feature a new panel of judges and a return to New York, and the aim to “reinvent” the franchise for new viewers. That means that Tyra Banks, the beauty who has always been in the running to be America’s next top model, is stepping down as host. “I will continue as Executive Producer, but must turn my attention to new business endeavors, so I want to find a new host,” Banks said in a statement. “Get ready for a fierce-a-fied rebirth!”

ANTM Will Return to VH1 Without Tyra Banks