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Watch Footage From Arcade Fire’s David Bowie Tribute Parade

Earlier this year, Arcade Fire unveiled plans to honor the late David Bowie with a parade in New Orleans. (Attendees were encouraged to come in their best or strangest Bowie-inspired outfits — and you bet they did! Some even Ziggy-fied their pets.) The indie group worked with the Preservation Hall Jazz Band there to arrange the January 16 event and lead the resulting mass of fans in song. A documentary of sorts was also promised, and Arcade on Wednesday finally released a snippet.

“We are here today to celebrate the life of David Bowie. There are few artists that could possibly bring together this incredible group of people — you all are amazing.” Ben Jaffe, Preservation’s creative director, explains above. “This is about him and all of you and how we felt about David,” Arcade’s Win Butler adds. “God Bless, David, wherever you’re at.” Roll the clip to see how the day turned out, and to hear their rendition of “Heroes.”

Watch Arcade Fire’s David Bowie Tribute