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Emmanuel Lubezki Wins Top Cinematography Award for The Revenant — Classic Emmanuel Lubezki

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Emmanuel Lubezki.

If The Revenant is remembered for anything, it’ll probably be the fact that Leonardo DiCaprio ate raw bison liver on set, but if it’s remembered for anything other (and more deserving) than that, it’ll be the film’s stunning, often naturally lit cinematography, thanks to Emmanuel Lubezki, the director of photography. Lubezki took home the top prize at the American Society of Cinematographers Awards on Sunday, marking his fifth win in the category and his third in a row. The two-time Oscar winner, who has previously won for his work in Gravity and Birdman, may just have a third waiting for him on the other side of this long, cold trek through February.

Meanwhile, Vanja Cernjul won for Best Regular TV Episode for his work on Marco Polo’s “The Fourth Step,” Pierre Gill won for Casanova in the TV Miniseries category, while Adam Arkapaw (Macbeth) and Mátyás Erdély (Son of Saul) tied for the Spotlight Award, which is given to work on the festival circuit or in limited release.

Revenant’s Lubezki Tops Cinematography Awards