Audra McDonald Singing Hamilton’s ‘Say No to This’ As Bille Holiday Is a Little Russian Nesting Doll of Everything You Like

You’re right. Why don’t they give out Tonys for YouTube videos? We’re close to that inevitability, right? God, you are prescient. As a reward, here is six-time Tony winner Audra McDonald singing Hamilton’s ode to sexy terrible ideas, “Say No to This,” in the style of Billie Holiday. McDonald played Holiday in the 2014 Broadway production of Lady Day at Emeron’s Bar and Grill, but of course you knew that because you love everything about her. McDonald stopped by the Digital Ham4Ham this weekend to duet with Lin-Manuel Miranda, who, you’ll admit it, really knows what people want: everything they love all stacked neatly inside each other, and in the middle there’s a tiny Audra McDonald.

Audra McDonald Sings Hamilton As Billie Holiday