The Big Bang Theory Cast Commit So Deeply to Their Nerdery, Even Their Writers Room Has Started to Forget What’s Real and What’s ‘Bazinga!’

Unicycling: odd, nerdy or a delightful mix of both? The Big Bang Theory cast seemed sort of happily flabbergasted on Conan last night that their writers room constantly presumes they have their characters’ nerd skills in real life. But imagine the writers’ perspective: If Jim Parsons can ride a unicycle, are you not going to have Jim Parsons ride a unicycle on TV? Don’t be insane. Parsons doesn’t say “Bazinga!” in his real life either, but the writers write that word down and he has to say it. They all have to say all the words. Don’t you see? The writers’ power is all. Making Kunal Nayyar grapple with a snake, though, that’s a bit jacked.

Big Bang Theory Cast Discuss Their Nerd Levels