Check Out Frinkiac, the Simpsons Screenshot Search Engine, for Crying Out Glaven

THE SIMPSONS: Lisa sets out to restore the tarnished reputation of Springfield’s first female inventor. To find her invention, she scours an abandoned asylum and a restaurant that caters to men. Bart joins Lisa at the asylum, stealing one of the homicidal patient’s notebooks, and bragging to the boys at school that he wrote the entries himself. This revelation causes Homer and Marge to believe he is a sociopath, which Bart decides to use to his advantage until things go too far in the “Paths of Glory” episode of THE SIMPSONS airing Sunday, Dec. 6 (8:00-8:30 PM ET/PT) on FOX. THE SIMPSONS ™ and © 2015 TCFFC ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.
Photo: FOX

Ah, there’s nothing more exciting than science. You get all the fun of sitting, being quiet, writing down numbers, paying attention … science has it all. While doing all that sitting, Paul Lehrer, Sean Schultz, and Allie Young created Frinkiac, a search engine that enables you to search a Simpsons quote and find a screenshot of the exact moment it occurred in the show. The site contains 3 million screenshots from the show’s first 15 seasons, which you can then immediately turn into a meme. You can even read exactly how Frinkiac was put together, if you are so inclined. It turns out the secret ingredient is … LOVE? Who’s been screwing with this thing?!

Check Out This Simpsons Screenshot Search Engine