Check Out ‘Triumph’s Election Special 2016’ Featuring Tim Meadows, Mike Huckabee, the Dell Dude, and More

At long last, Hulu and Funny or Die’s Triumph’s Election Special 2016 debuted online today, and as expected, it’s some of the best presidential election campaign coverage yet. In addition to his time crashing the Democratic debate in South Carolina, the special follows Triumph as he makes multiple attempts to talk to Ted Cruz, hangs out with the Dell Dude, plants fake Fox News reporters at Republican events, gives Mike Huckabee a crash course in roasting, and makes a bunch of college students in New Hampshire super uncomfortable with his wild, rebellious, anti-PC way of looking at the world. Plus: Sanjaya, the Chocolate Rain guy, and Tim Meadows as Ben Carson!

Check Out ‘Triumph’s Election Special 2016’ Featuring […]