Chelsea Peretti Roasts the Tech Nerds of Silicon Valley at the Crunchies Awards

TechCrunch held their 9th annual Crunchies Awards earlier this week in San Francisco, and for some reason they decided to continue their strange tradition of inviting comedians to roast the toughest crowd out there: a bunch of millionaire tech industry nerds who don’t like laughing. Even though this year’s host Chelsea Peretti (following past hosts T.J. Miller and John Oliver) had a hard time winning them over with her takes on diversity in the industry, the weird Crunchies mascot, and nominees like Uber, Snapchat, and Postmates, she stayed strong despite the icy reception (at one point even telling herself “Sometimes you just have to make yourself happy…”) and got in plenty of jabs at the nominees’ expense: “My buddy T.J. Miller told me that you bitches couldn’t take the heat last year! Just kidding – he’s not my buddy. I hate all white men. Sorry, everybody here!”

Chelsea Peretti Roasts the Tech Nerds of Silicon […]