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Conan and PewDiePie Learn a Lot About Early Man While Traversing the Video-Game Primeval in Far Cry Primal

Riding woolly mammoths, befriending degenerate badgers, transforming into owls that dash themselves against a cliff over and over again without consequence: Boy, being a caveman sure was weird! Conan and YouTube video-game demigod PewDiePie really dug deep into our early ancestors’ day-to-day experience while playing Far Cry Primal last night and, if nothing else, it’s a fascinating look at the Stone Age human experience. Did you know killing a mammoth was very similar to having sex with Ed Asner? Having had sex with Ed Asner many times, you have a special insight into what it was like to live in 10,000 BCE! Absolutely fascinating.

Conan and PewDiePie Journey to the Stone Age