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Danny Pudi and Alan Tudyk Join NBC’s DC Comics Comedy Pilot, Which Is Still Not About Superheroes

Make NBC great again.

After casting Vanessa Hudgens yesterday, NBC’s workplace-comedy pilot about ordinary people in the world of superheroes (specifically DC superheroes; there will be no Hulk of any kind in this show) is filling out its cast with Danny Pudi (Community), Alan Tudyk (Firefly, Suburgatory, a million small roles in other projects), and Christina Kirk (A to Z, Manhattan). Pudi will play Hudgens’s work buddy Teddy, who loves to do time-wasting pranks, while Tudyk will play the claims department’s “rich, over-educated globetrotting wastrel” of a boss. Kirk will be Jackie, Tudyk’s assistant, who has “plastered her office cubicle with beefcake shots of super guys.” If NBC is going to pick up this show, each of them will have to perfect their Jim-from–The Office–brand knowing glances at the camera.

Danny Pudi, Alan Tudyk Join NBC–DC Comics Pilot