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Stephen Colbert Won’t Let His Old College Buddy David Schwimmer Live Down His Bad Kylo Ren Hair

The thing about knowing someone before they got famous is you almost always have dirt on them. And when you end up equally as famous as that other famous person, then you totally get to rub their face in it on national TV. Leave it to David Schwimmer’s old college buddy Stephen Colbert (they were once in an improv group called the No Fun Mud Piranhas, who knew?) to present the photographic evidence that Schwimmer definitely once rocked the long, unkempt Kylo Ren. To be fair, had Schwimmer thrown it in a man-bun, he might’ve been a decades-early trendsetter, and then Colbert would have nothing to giggle about (yeah, right). Poor Ross chopped it off by senior year (and got “jacked,” apparently), thinking no one would ever know. Wrong! But if Colbert thought the Kylo Ren was bad, has he seen Schwimmer’s Robert Kardashian hairdo? It’s … something.

Schwimmer Reminded of His Bad Hair on Colbert