Deadpool Explains Why He’s Not Hosting SNL in a Kanye-Like Rant That Ignores the Fact That Deadpool Is Not a Real Person

After the massive success of Deadpool, fans of the character launched a petition to get Ryan Reynolds to host Saturday Night Live in character. That petition currently has more than 60,000 signatures, but it’s not going to happen. Firstly, because SNL doesn’t let fictional characters host (Donald Trump, a character pretending to be human, doesn’t count). Secondly, because of this rant, which Ryan Reynolds posted to YouTube. It’s a send-up of Kanye’s now-infamous backstage meltdown on the show last weekend, but with a lot more nervous laughter. Sure, you’ve opened an R-rated superhero movie, Ryan, but call Lorne Michaels when you’ve made art as good as “Ultralight Beam.”

Deadpool Isn’t Doing SNL for Kanye-Like Reasons