Watch Demi Lovato’s Stone Cold ‘Stone Cold’ Music Video, Which Will Make You Appreciate Life’s Warmer Things

In the “Stone Cold” visuals above, Demi Lovato gets reckless with her wardrobe and wishes her ex the best from a place of snowy, watery solitude. The wintry footage, directed by Patrick Ecclesine, features jaw-dropping views of Park City, Utah, intercut with a bathtub venting session. It’s all beautiful, mesmerizing, and kind of Game of Thrones-y — does it also look like a stylized reenactment of someone who lost their luggage and is having a bad time at Sundance? Kind of. Or, someone who gave fireplaces a chance once and then hated them? Yes. But whatever your interpretation, roll the clip above to watch Demi brave the cold and slay the latest Confident video.

Watch Demi Lovato’s ‘Stone Cold’ Vid