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DJ Khaled Just Signed a Deal With Apple Music for His Own Show, We the Best, Which Will Begin by World-Premiering Future’s Next Album

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DJ Khaled. Photo: Sergi Alexander/2016 Getty Images

DJ Khaled, everybody’s most favorite font of inspiration and least favorite wings buddy, finally showed the world what he was getting at with all the “I’m up to something” updates. The motivational music mogul announced Monday that he signed a deal with Apple Music for a show called We the Best, which will have a corresponding Beats 1 radio program with the same name — and in the form of a cherry on top, the first episode comes this week with the world premiere of Future’s next tape and album. “They said I would never be on Apple; they said I would never be with Future,” Khaled told Snapchat earlier Monday. “I’m here.” With almost half a dozen keys, Zane Lowe confirmed via Twitter that Future is indeed planning on releasing his next project via Apple Music, so get ready for another one and then, like, another dozen, because Khaled and Future will both never, ever stop. We the Best TV episodes will unspool every other Friday on Apple Music, according to Fader, with the radio installments coming via Beats 1 every week, during the same prime-time slot.

Caption: “They didn’t see this coming notice how I said they because our fans know we will never stop!!! GOD IS GREAT!”

Here’s the high-octane trailer for We the Best, which looks like it should be a truly insane cross between the Michael Bay musical and the interior doge monologue you never knew you needed, a.k.a. the best — or something like it:

The first installment, with Future, drops this Friday at 8 p.m. EST.

Khaled’s New Beats 1 Show to Premiere New Future