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Oh, You Bet a Not-So-Victorious, Post-Iowa Donald J. Trump Made the Late-Night Rounds

Though Trump’s anticlimactic Iowa Caucus showing ended earlier this week, you can keep reliving the highlights (and lowlights) thanks to a continuing onslaught of late-night treatment. For starters, Seth Meyers took “A Closer Look” at the GOP’s results Wednesday night, concluding that nobody should ever say “Marcomentum” again, Chris Christie should watch more early-2000s Jake Gyllenhaal movies, and Trump should just stick to acceptance:

Previously, Colbert and Noah had also relished in pointing out Trump’s (initial) grace in defeat:

Over at The Tonight Show, Fallon brought out his ever-confident, very squinty version of Trump, which knew a lot more about pop culture than you might have thought:

And Conan went with the simplest and cutest approach of all:

Next up: New Hampshire!

You Bet a Post-Iowa Trump Made Late-Night Rounds