Dr. Luke Responds to Kesha’s Allegations of Abuse on Twitter

Dr. Luke and Kesha. Photo: Getty Images

While Dr. Luke won in the courtroom when a judge denied Kesha’s request to be released from a contract with him because of alleged sexual abuse, he has been losing ground on social media, with a number of musical artists and fans rising up in Kesha’s defense. Earlier Monday, Dr. Luke responded to Kesha’s allegations through his lawyer Christine Lepera, saying that Kesha is already “free to record” and that he was a victim of a “vicious smear campaign.” Now he’s taking to Twitter, saying people are “[rushing] to judgment before all the facts come out.” He says that he has never had sexual relations with her, and that Kesha is contradicting her own testimony from a 2011 deposition, when she said Dr. Luke hadn’t drugged her and they didn’t have sex.

Read Dr. Luke’s tweets below.

Dr. Luke Responds to Kesha’s Abuse Allegations