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Your First Official Look at Sexy Secretary Chris Hemsworth in Ghostbusters

We’re not sure what’s sexier: Chris Hemsworth wearing his sexy nerd glasses on a sexy motorcycle on the set of Ghostbusters, or Chris Hemsworth pointing all sexily from his sexy receptionist’s desk in his first official sexy photo from Ghostbusters. It’s too close to call! Speaking of call, when someone in the movie does do that, they’ll get Hemsworth on the other end of his sexy line because he’ll be manning the sexy front desk at Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, Leslie Jones, and Kate McKinnon’s ghostbusting agency. Just look at that sexy shirt strewn all sexily over his computer for some sexy reason. And ooooh, is that a sexy candle we spot burning next to a sexy hat on his sexy desk? On the count of three: Swoon, baby, swoon.

Photo: CTMG, Inc.
First Official Look at Hemsworth in Ghostbusters