Report: Frank Ocean Held a Listening Party in New York

Frank Ocean. Photo: Larry Busacca/2014 Getty Images

The enigma (that might be called) Boys Don’t Cry made everybody cry by not coming out last year. But fear not: Fuse notes hope might be on the horizon because there might’ve been a “very very secret frank ocean listening party” on Sunday night. Might is the operative word, as most of the previously uploaded Instagram and Soundcloud snippets from said party have already been taken down. Further details and confirmation are unavailable, but MTV points out that the quick removal might be promising verification of Channel Orange follow-up material. (Also, yeah, yeah, maybe not.) The musical gathering took place in New York, according to early Monday reports, and the resulting low-quality social-media snippets were described as “ANGELIC AS FUCK.”

Pray Ocean’s next album is near and scope out one remaining angel of a clip below:

Also, quick, someone show Adele.

Report: Frank Ocean Had a Listening Party