The Friends Cast Watched Each Episode of the First Season Together and Gave Each Other Notes, Which Is the Most Monica Thing You’ve Ever Heard

Must See TV: An All-Star Tribute to James Burrows - Season 2016
Photo: Chris Haston/NBC

Joey, act like you really want to know how she’s doing! Ross, act like you’re frozen in the headlights of a semi truck, but also you’re in love with it! Jennifer, could your hair be changed in such a way that millions of women suddenly alter their appearances to look like you? Then do it! Do it now! The entire Friends cast reunited last night for NBC’s Must-See TV: An All-Star Tribute to James Burrows — except Matthew Perry, who appeared via video from his transponder convention or wherever he was. According to TVLine, the Friends stars sung the praises of TV director Burrows and revealed the interesting tidbit that, during the first season, “The cast would get together to watch each episode together — keep in mind, this was decades before live-tweeting became a thing — and would give each other notes, or as they now consider them, ‘suggestions.’” Because what young actor or actress wouldn’t love having all of his or her cast mates give them acting notes every single week? Could that situation be any more loaded?

Friends Cast Watched Together and Gave Notes