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Ghostface Killah Finally Responded to Martin Shkreli’s Video Threat With a Video of His Own

In response to Martin Shkreli’s early April Fool’s joke, Ghostface released a non-apology on Tuesday. The 11-minute vid serves as part dis, plea, and ad (Wu Goo alert!), as the rapper ultimately calls Shkreli’s history-erasing bluff and underlines the pharma bro’s villain status. “You’re a real killer, man,” Ghost says, referencing Shkreli’s notorious Daraprim price gouging. “You don’t do that to the people, man. They need [Daraprim] … Right now you got them weak right now, because they don’t even know where they’re going to run to get their medicine from now. Because of you. You’re a clown.” Ghost’s mother and sister also appear in the vid to echo the artist’s message with an emotional punch:

Shkreli promptly responded to Ghostface via Twitter — with hints of yet another rebuttal to come:

Also, a poll, so everybody’s opinions on the ongoing beefs can be known:

Ghostface Killah Responds to Shkreli Video