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The Original Good Times Cast Wants to Make a Movie, But They Also Want Your Kickstarter Help So They Can Make It Dyn-O-Mite

The ‘Good Times’ cast. Photo: CBS

The Good Times cast is so tired of people asking for an onscreen reunion they’re finally just doing one themselves. The remaining core talent — John Amos, Jimmie Walker, Ja’net Du Bois, BernNadette Stanis, and Ralph Carter — will band back together in the form of a Kickstarter-funded revival project. (Nope, not this one. A whole other one.) Their film will be a docu-dramedy-comedy, according to the cast, that will catch up with the Evans family in the future, finally giving fans of the groundbreaking 1970s sitcom closure. “It will be exactly what you expect from us and more,” reads a message on the page. “I am sure you will agree that the ones who can tell the stories of each character are those who have lived with those characters for forty years.” Plot and logistical details haven’t been announced yet, but Amos promises to bring back other celebs from the realms of sports and pop culture who also used to have a relationship with the original CBS show.

The crowdfunding campaign comes after 40 years of fan pleas for “completion,” according to the cast, not to mention a recent stretch of developmental silence tied to studio-led efforts. A report from Deadline notes The Original Good Times Cast Movie is being done independent of Sony and primary producer Norman Lear, and is incorporating the time jump to avoid copyright infringement. The Kickstarter money will go to securing “the best technicians in every department that makes for a good movie,” according to a promo vid. Backing rewards range from posters and digital downloads of the finished product, to cast-member voicemail greetings and the chance to be a walk-on extra. At time of publication, the page had racked up roughly $4,000, with 16 days left to hit its $1 million goal. (Fear not: A note at the bottom of their page assures, “Only an act of God could stop this movie from happening.“)

For more info, check out the movie’s site and Kickstarter vid:

Original Good Times Cast Has Kickstarter Plans