Revisit the Most Iconic Moment of the Early 2000s When Hayden Panettiere and Christina Aguilera Perform ‘Lady Marmalade’ on Lip Sync Battle

If and when aliens colonize the burned-out, desiccated hull of Earth thousands years from now, what better Rosetta Stone could they find for American culture at the turn of the century (and perhaps our entire run) than the Lil’ Kim/Missy Elliott/Mya/Pink/Christina Aguilera “Lady Marmalade” video? Hayden Panettiere brings it back to 2001 on Lip Sync Battle this week, and Xtina herself stops by with a team of shirtless dancers to remind you she can really, really, really, really sing. The aliens could also potentially find this episode of Lip Sync Battle and extrapolate everything else from there, which is handy.

Panettiere, Aguilera Lip-synced ‘Lady Marmalade’