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How Late Night Covered This Year’s Coin-Tossing, Popcorn-Chomping Iowa Caucus

Winners are really losers, Donald Trump is temporarily humble, and Americans decide their victors with a literal coin-toss. If you are still confused about what exactly went down at this week’s Iowa caucus, don’t feel bad. That’s why we have late-night television: to explain our political process to us! To wit, The Daily Show’s Jordan Klepper broke down why the results in Iowa don’t actually indicate who will win the presidency. Or do they? They don’t! Unless they do.

Between Hillary Clinton’s premature victory, Bernie Sanders’s “momentum,” and Marco Rubio’s misplaced excitement, as The Daily Show’s Trevor Noah points out, “Number’s don’t mean sh*t.”

Colbert enjoying Donald Trump’s loss was a glorious moment of television, though. It almost makes this whole crazy business worthwhile.

And to take it to its absurd conclusion, The Nightly Show’s Larry Wilmore imagined the heated arm-wrestling match that actually chose a winner, a scenario that doesn’t seem so far-fetched when you think about that coin-toss for more than two seconds. It’s fine. What we lose in control over our political system, we gain in laughs! Haha, we all have fun.

How Late Night Covered the Iowa Caucus