How to Get Away With Murder Recap: Frank’s Big Secret Revealed

How to Get Away With Murder

She Hates Us
Season 2 Episode 11
Editor’s Rating 4 stars

How to Get Away With Murder

She Hates Us
Season 2 Episode 11
Editor’s Rating 4 stars
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Friends! After the absolutely shocking final moments of last night’s How to Get Away Murder, I went to the DMV and slept there overnight so I could file paperwork to change my name from Phoebe Robinson to “Bish Whut?” I know I can’t be the only one who did this. I mean, holy hell. The episode was pretty much fine — emotional, but fine — but then the last couple of minutes had me literally screaming in my apartment. Since this is New York and everyone is a skosh heartless, none of my neighbors checked on me. Anyway, the point is “She Hates Us” was a really good episode that had a moving case of the week and a big reveal at the end, and gave us more background on Anna’s pregnancy from back in the day. So let’s dig in and talk about everything that went down.

We open with a flashback to ten years ago. Annalise is very pregnant and sweet. Nothing like she is today. Pregnant Annalise is mad cute and looks like she makes her own shea butter. It also seems like Sam is cheating on her and maybe she knows? Just a guess on my end, but I feel like spouses can tell when their S.O. is laying it low and spreading it wide. Poor Annalise, but also their relationship started out as an affair, so what did she expect, I guess? We jump back to the present. Wes and Anna still aren’t talking, so I’m guessing that the confrontation that ended last week’s episode wasn’t a hallucination, but was 1000 percent real. Dang, because the two are so damaged and I really think they should be communicating as opposed to brooding and stumbling through life separately. Or at the very least, they should be talking to a professional about their feelings, but neither of them want to do that. Anna just wants to get through her physical exam so she can go to trial the next day; Wes just wants sleeping pills. His doctor won’t give them to him because she suspects something is going on. He’s like, “Whatever. I’m out. But if I kill myself, then you can feel bad.” She’s like, “A’ight. Now I have to keep you under observation for saying that even though you didn’t need it.” OOPS! But also, sad Wes with the scruff is hot, so I’m glad we get to see him for a lil’ while longer. However, he’s probably going to talk about Rebecca even though no one care about her so…

Across town, Oliver is over Asher staying with them. On one hand, I get it. Having house guests for a really long time is annoying; however, Asher killed someone, so cut him a break, Ollie! But then Asher just farted. On cue for a joke. Near the plate of eggs and hash browns Connor just prepared:

What the hell is wrong with you, Ash?!?! Anyway, we have bigger things to worry about like the tragic case of the week. Anna is defending Jason, who looks like a beige Skeet Ulrich, so I’m kind of into it. Who am I kidding? I’m all the way into it and then I lose my lady boner quickly because he killed a dude named Tyler and Tyler’s mom Joyce is in the court being all sad. Just when it seemed like a plea deal was reached — Jason will go to prison for 15 years for second degree murder — Joyce objects and wants Jason to serve a lesser punishment for killing her son. WUT? She wants a restorative justice hearing so there can be an option other than intense jail time. What are you doing, Joyce? Your son is dead. Throw the book at Beige Skeet Ulrich, a.k.a. BSU. The judge, moved by Joyce’s conviction, allows a restorative justice hearing to take place. Whoa.

We then see what else is going on: Psych Ward Doctor is trying to get to the bottom of Wes’s feels with not much luck and Laurel is unsuccessful in getting him out. We see a flashback in which it seems like Bonnie had a little bit of a crush on Frank, which is understandable, and we learn that Jason killed Tyler because Tyler smashed Jason’s girlfriend. Jason claimed that when he confronted Tyler, he just wanted to “scare” him:

No. When you want to scare someone, you hide their cell phone from them when they aren’t looking or you say, “Boo, motherfucker!” You don’t roll up on someone with a gun. Get it together, BSU!

Later on, Laurel rightfully confronts Anna for not trying to get Wes out from observation. Anna’s like, “Okay. Thanks for that. You’re fired. Bonnie’s my No. 1 again.” OUCH! Meanwhile, Caleb has had it up to here with Anna’s helping/not helping mess, so he gets in a fight with Michaela and calls her a whore. But he’s also a heaux because he wanted to smash before he showed her where the gun was hidden. They’re both heauxes, which means on TV they will end up happy together at some point. Looking forward to that!

Anna and Bonnie question Jason before this hearing and he admits the murder was premeditated and that he texted Joyce from Tyler’s phone. Oh, no! Okay, so Joyce is going to rethink this lesser charge when she finds out about this. Or maybe not because the hearing is going along fine, and I guess he’s going to get away with murder? But then! He confesses and says that he lied about the text message and the accidental shooting. Joyce is crying, I’m crying, Anna is visibly shaken, and I just need to see Frank naked, but Shonda & Co. are like, “Nope! Feel. Dem. Feels.” Now I know what it’s like to be a dude. Sorry for judging y’all men for all these years! Anyway, the prosecutor now wants to push for the death penalty. Ruh-roh! Isn’t this the opposite of what Joyce wanted?! Yes, she wants to fight hate with love. She knows that Jason dying is not going to bring her son back. Ooof.

Anna returns to her home/office and Laurel can’t wait to tell everyone that Anna ain’t doing jack doo-doo about getting Wes out of observation. Damn! But also, not surprised. What I am surprised about is that the Keating 5 tell Anna to kick their grits and quit. Uhhhh, but she knows all this dirt on them and could put them away in jail forever. So maybe they shouldn’t give her the middle finger and instead just the silent treatment while they watch season one of Master of None? In all seriousness, Anna is not one to mess with and there’s no way they’re going to get the last word on her. But before Anna can deal with that, she has to go back to court. She decides to do what Joyce wants. She argues there should be another way than breaking up families, not giving people a solid foundation to achieve in life and then throwing men of color in jail all the time. Anna is straight up dropping knowledge. The prosecutor is like, “Fine. No death penalty, but life in prison.” Jason immediately accepts because he can’t live with what he did otherwise. As he’s being taken away in handcuffs, Joyce gives him her number and tells him to call her whenever he needs her:

This is Über-sad and I want Jason and Joyce to get all the guest Emmy awards!

Cut to a flashback of pregnant Annalise. Sam seems really excited about the baby while Anna doesn’t really? Maybe she’s just nervous about being a mom, but she’s pretty far along and “needs” to take a trip to Cleveland for work. Hmm, seems to me like she’s going to lose the baby because she works too much. I will say this: We’re starting to see the bond between Bonnie and Anna, which is nice. Too bad it becomes all dark and twisty. Moving on. The whole Wes thing was just to talk about seeing his mom die. The doctor reasons that when he was watching Anna bleed out, this triggered him to think about his mom’s death. Okay, but we didn’t need a whole episode to have this revelation unfold, especially because The West Wing did the exact same triggering episode, much better, nearly a decade ago when Josh Lyman was shot.

We head to another flashback. Anna is in Cleveland and visiting Rose about a murder trial. No idea what’s going on here, but maybe this trial is going to put Rose in danger and she dies as a result of it? Back to the present. The Keating 5 realize the best way to stave off danger is to treat each other like friends and help each other out. They promise to talk to each other, and Wes, after he’s let go, assures them that he hasn’t told any of their secrets. Later that night, Laurel visits Frank. He thinks she’s being too hard on Anna and wants to know why Laurel lied to him about where Wes was. She says Frank lies to her all the time and that he can’t be her boyfriend if he’s going to lie. Uh-oh. Flaurel is breaking up?!?!?! Wait. Maybe not because she basically says that she is in love with him and he looks at her as if to say, “Yeah, me too, boo.” But then she’s crying like crazy and he’s not saying anything and she’s like, “Tell me the truth.” He can’t say anything, so she says they should break up. NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Frank looks devastated and Laurel heads to the door. Frank is looking at her.

Don’t do it, Frank. Don’t do it, Frank. I know you’re in love, but don’t do it. Cut to Frank like:

Cut to me like:

Y’all, I was not prepared for this! But I’m also proud of Frank because for the first time in his life he is choosing himself over Annalise/Sam. He’s choosing a shot at happiness, of keeping Laurel in his life over keeping a secret to protect the Keatings. This is major, but he’s killed so many people. Does Laurel want to know all the things he’s done? This is not good for her emotionally or legally, but before I can dig into this too much, Connor calls Annalise because someone (I’m assuming Phillip) emailed him a video of the night at the mansion:

WHAT. DA. FUQ. Everyone’s lives are basically ruined at this point. How are they going to get out of this? I can’t breathe because I’m watching all this unfold and then Shonda & Co are like:

That’s the end of the episode?!?!?!?!?!?! I’m dead. I’ve gone to the afterlife. Am writing this from the other side. Tell my mom I love her and tell the public transit system to go f**k themselves. See y’all next week.

Alrighty, what did you think of last night’s shocking episode? Can you believe Frank finally told the truth? What do you think happened to Anna’s baby? Let me know in the comments below.

HTGAWM Recap: Frank’s Big Secret Revealed