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Jacob Tremblay Cut the Line to Meet Leonardo DiCaprio Because Adorable 9-Year-Olds Get Away With Everything

Jacob Tremblay, star of Room, appeared on his sister’s favorite talk show, Ellen, today, and revealed just how he managed to meet Leonardo DiCaprio at the SAG Awards (he cut the line, but it’s fine, as long as Leo never called “no cutsies”). At the show, the two wished each other well, but as you might guess, Leo’s awards-season luck doesn’t go very far. “He won, right? But I didn’t win,” Tremblay joked. “So if you want to win, you just have to come up to me.” Tremblay also said that he wants to be a screenwriter. But please don’t green-light his scripts yet, Hollywood. Remember, when Robert Rodriguez based a movie on his kids’ ideas, he accidentally launched the career of Taylor Lautner.

Jacob Tremblay Explains How to Meet Leo DiCaprio