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James Corden’s Parody of the Classic Cindy Crawford Pepsi Ad Is the Pepsi Ad That Will Finally Give Us Gender Equality

We can all agree: Nothing makes you want a Pepsi more than staring, open-mouthed, at a beautiful woman. (Also, in this scenario, you are two little boys who are hanging out in a gas station.) Such was the conceit behind Cindy Crawford’s classic 1992 Super Bowl Pepsi ad. Last night, James Corden and Crawford re-created the spot with even more Slow-Motion Tank-Top Time. A more equitable division of Slow-Motion Tank-Top Time, if you will. Slow-Motion Tank-Top Time for all, attractive Pepsi cans for anyone who wants one. Boy, if this doesn’t make you want a Pepsi … then for the love of God, tell Pepsi what they can do! They’re giving us everything they got here!

James Corden Remakes Cindy Crawford ’92 Pepsi Ad