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Janelle Monáe Dances to Old-School Madonna for Pepsi’s Super Bowl Commercial, As If Androids Drank Soda

Nothing gets you feeling more joyful than some high-fructose corn syrup straight to the veins, and who better to represent that feeling than Janelle Monáe? In a new Super Bowl ad for Pepsi, she does a time hop, dancing first to “Do You Love Me” and then “Express Yourself” before finishing it off with the Pepsi jingle. Now, it’s a bit ironic Pepsi is calling back to Madonna, because the company canceled their $5 million commercial featuring Madonna and “Like a Prayer” after religious groups raised a furor over her music video, which, of course, became one of the most enduring music videos of our time. Bet they’d really appreciate a time hop now.

Janelle Monáe Dances to Madonna in Super Bowl Ad