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Jean-Claude Van Damme Will Star in Action-Comedy Pilot for Amazon

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Van Johnson. Photo: Justin Baker/Getty Images

Jean-Claude Van Damme is coming to Amazon as you’ve sort of seen him before — except now he’s a guy named Jean-Claude Van Johnson, in an action-comedy pilot also called Jean-Claude Van Johnson. According to The Hollywood Reporter, JCVJ “will star Van Damme as a version of himself — a famous actor and martial arts pro who comes out of retirement to resume his alter-ego: an undercover private contractor by the name of Jean-Claude Van Johnson.” Is this kind of like the Mad About You Paul Reiser/Paul Buchman situation? Or the Lucille Ball to Lucy Ricardo switcheroo? Van Damme is obviously no stranger to action, but he’s also no stranger to comedy. Wham bam Van Damme … er, Johnson!

Jean-Claude Van Damme Will Star in Amazon Pilot