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Jenny Slate Had a Real Roller-coaster Ride of an Uber Trip, Because As on a Roller-coaster, There Was a Second When She Thought She Might Die

Boy, Jenny Slate’s Uber ride took a real turn! Well, not a real turn. A metaphorical turn. Let’s just say that Jenny Slate’s Uber ride really went downhill! Not, an actual hill, of course, but the hill of human experiences. It’s possible Jenny Slate’s Uber also went down a real hill, but we have no way of knowing that for sure. She didn’t address the geographic terrain covered by her Uber ride when talking about it on the Tonight Show last night. Look, Jenny Slate almost ended up in a trunk, which luckily doesn’t happen frequently enough to be a turn of phrase in the English language, but honestly that’s where we’re headed if that Uber driver is still out there, luring actresses to his doom with his trunk full of “prizes.”

Jenny Slate Had One Deeply Unsettling Uber Ride